Roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee  
 Provide representation on behalf of NGO Forum members, ensuring they prioritize and represent the interests of all NGO Forum members, not only their own organizations’ interests.

 Review the work of the NGO Forum Secretariat to ensure that it is in line with common objectives and priorities of the NGO Forum.  

 Support the NGO Forum Secretariat as required.  

 Review applications for membership of the NGO Forum.

 Approve NGO Forum Terms of Reference, composition and time limits for committees, working groups or task forces.

 Make decisions that need to be taken within a limited timeframe or that do not require the input of the entire NGO Forum.

 Help define core messages from the NGO community.

 Build relationships with other members of the NGO Forum and actively encourage membership from local and diaspora organisations.

 Attend ad hoc meetings and events that are in the interest of the humanitarian community.

 Review budget and ensure that expenditure is appropriate and on track.

 Attend HLG meetings when HLG representatives are unavailable to attend HLG meetings.

 Review and approve NGO Forum advocacy strategy and advocacy products.