An IDP (Internally Displaced Person) from Al-Hoez village in Al-Ghab Plain .He is 34 years old .He has 6 children

Abdul Malik 11 years old

Saffa 8 years old

Bayan 5 years old

Nour 4 years old

Samer 3 years old

Bahaa 2 years old

He had to displace frequently from his village “Al-Hoez “in Hama province northern countrysid to the relatively safer nearby villages due to the bombing which was targeting his village and when things settle down, he used to go back to his home.

He did not want to displace but it was the only available option due to the intensive bombing. He finally displaced to Al-Ezza camp in Harim district countryside 45 days ago due to the escalation of intensive bombing targeted Hama northern countryside.

His living conditions were relatively good because he was working as a builder. Sometimes, when he did not find a job, he used to work as a farmer on farms to earn living.

He was working more than one job to earn the required money to cover the daily expenses of his family but the money he earns is still not enough for all the expenses.

One day ,7 months ago, while he was working on a roof, he fell down so his legs broke down in addition to lacerations. He still suffering from pain and swellings so he is no longer able to work.

He is unable to cope with living in a camp due to strong Summer heat, lack of electricity and lack of work. He is unable to carry on living in the camp and he tries to move to a better place till he returns to his home .The

war affected their life badly because they did not expect to leave their home and live in a camp one day but they had to keep his family safe .

Barra needs some money for the treatment and medication of his sons Samer and Bahaa so he borrows money from his friends in the camp to pay for their medication.

Saffa and Abdul Malik were deprived from teaching for two years. Abdul Malik left the school when he was in the fourth-grade elementary school. He should be in the sixth grade now while Saffa quit school when she was in the second-grade elementary school.

The bombardment which targeted their school was one of the main reasons which made them quit their studies .The other reasons were the poverty of the family and inability of the father to pay his children teaching costs

Their school in Al-Hoez was bombarded five times during the war so his children has quit their study then they resumed after bombing has stopped and the school was rehabilitated but Barra was worried about his children safety every time he sends them to school because it may bombarded again at any time .

His children try to carry on teaching by themselves at the tent with help of their mother in order not to forget what they had been taught during the last years. The child Abdul Malik also has the duty of teaching his little sister Saffa some of what he had been taught before.

Barra wishes to make his children resume their teaching at the camp school because it is safer here than their village and teaching is free. He does not want them to miss years without teaching. He also wishes the world to stop the war in Syria so he can go back to his home with his children to resume their studies because future in Syria needs well educated and competent people to rebuild their country and make it better than before.

Abdul Malik dreams of passing a day without bombing or losing one of his friends. He also wishes to make new friends in the camp to play with them and spend happy times.

Abdul Malik says “he would teach his brothers and sisters what he had been taught during the previous years and he would also resume his teaching at the camp school in order not to miss classes and compete with his mates ‘

“ I want to be a teacher and I want to be a pharmacist “ Abdul Malik and Saffa said