Coordination and Coalition Building

• Enable and maintain productive relationships amongst NGOs, and between different NGO coordination platforms working on Syria and the UN, donors, and government authorities in Turkey.

• Create coalitions and promote joint action to meet immediate needs, minimize gaps and maximize resources and expertise.

• Collaborate closely with Syrian NGO coordination platforms and actively participate in their capacity development and inclusion in the humanitarian aid architecture for Syria.

Information Sharing and Exchange

• Establish sustained and clear dialogue on operational and strategic humanitarian issues.

• Support the exchange of relevant information and sharing of best practices within the NGO community and with external actors.


• Ensure a consistent representative and powerful NGO voice in humanitarian decision- making by having a seat at critical strategic and operational bodies and participating in key processes in country, regionally, and where required at international dialogues on Syria.

Policy and Advocacy

• Develop common and, where possible, unified advocacy messaging to influence decision- making and policy engagement on the humanitarian situation in Syria.

• Ensure strong linkages with local, regional and international networks to amplify the realities of the Syria context.

• Take a lead on advocacy in key thematic areas (e.g., humanitarian access, protection of civilians, accountability to affected populations, effectiveness of humanitarian aid architecture and funding).

• Promote humanitarian best practice and standards for its members and with external stakeholders